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After more than 10 years we have decided to go new ways. Nevertheless, we leave this website active simply for us and our customer as a reminder. From now on we are Base4and want to climb new peaks with you.
Life is exciting.

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Blue Pacific Bike

Founders of Blue Pacific Bike loves motorcycle, whether it’s a gravel road or even a racetrack, everything has its charm. In order to avoid inconvenience and to deal with the bad weather condition, the idea of the transport vehicle has arisen. Blue Pacific Bike’s mission is to provide safe transport and to ensure a good experience for their clients.

  • Logo design
  • Website design
  • Programming responsive website
March 2016
Logo design

Our vision was that through simplicity create a representative logo that at first sign tell people all about the company. Shades of blue color are blended with the Company name.

May 2016
Website design

The website was designed in order to give all the information about the services Blue Pacific Bike is offering. Users can book transport vehicles or motorcycles in just a few steps. Easy to use + easy to maintain = happy customer.

May 2016
Programming responsive website

Mediavuk team made a website that fits all devices. The website Blue Pacific Bike adapts to all screen sizes, which guarantees a complete experience for users.