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After more than 10 years we have decided to go new ways. Nevertheless, we leave this website active simply for us and our customer as a reminder. From now on we are Base4and want to climb new peaks with you.
Life is exciting.


JAM! is committed to a diverse society in which everyone is free to be and live as he wishes. The basis for this is respectful, tolerant co-operation, solidarity and the courage to move things together and change them. It is about all people.

Kübra and Christian are presenters and moderators of JAM! In their webshow everything revolves around the things that concern you: having courage, moving things together, thinking differently…

  • Cover design
  • Illustration
  • Quiz design
May 2015
Cover design

This organisation made us think about all the challenges young people from margins of society have to deal with so we put an effort on making these representing cover design. For them, it’s all about moving things forward and that was the key phrase for our designers too while participating in the project.

April 2014
Online quiz design

If you haven’t yet, you really should do the interactive quiz from JAM web page- it’s an entertaining way to learn significant facts about people living with a disability, learn about LGBT population etc. While broadening your horizons, enjoy in modern design we made for quiz suitable for all devices.

April 2014
YouTube covers

It’s well-known that presenters on youtube channel want to have a memorable and recognizable cover that can attract an audience as much as possible. All covers have desired aspect- we involve hosts, some details that reflect the main topic and everything is surrounded by carefully chose a design.

April 2014
Graffiti illustrations

As one of the highlighted topics, change of perspective has great importance for this organisation so we found it worth trying to help them with illustrations inspired by their fight for higher-level inclusiveness.

April 2014
Facebook covers

Facebook cover photo follows the upcoming story for next webshow with matching design. Dimensions and resolution of images are optimized for a social network.

May – June 2015
Website covers

Thinking different was a starting point for creating a cover design. Images are related to content and it works with the layout.

July – November 2015
Website covers

Covers are visually attractive and each of them is directly fitted with the purpose of a website. Showing real people, in this case, there are hosts and guests, is a good thing for making the experience more personal.

Dezember 2015

Our forces were united in making the countdown to the holiday season even more exciting than it has already been and the result is this advent calendar which announces upcoming events. There was no lack of inspiration for design when Christmas is coming!