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Kapellendorf Castle

Kapellendorf Moated Castle is one of the largest preserved moated castles in central Germany. In the mid-12th century, the castle was built by the burggraves of Kirchberg as their primary fortress and for protection of the nearby trading route. By the 14th century, the defences of the complex had been increased by the construction of numerous towers and by the addition of a moat. The Prussian headquarters were located here in October 1806 when the battle of Jena and Auerstedt between Napoleon’s troops and Prussia raged in the direct vicinity.

  • 3D model
  • Animation
August 2015
3D Model and animation of a reconstruction process

Every castle tells a different story and this one has a rich one. Our intention was to make you imagine the whole process of building castle-like Kapellendorf. You can experience every detail- from stacking each stone, setting beams and cross section to whole construction plan visible from different angles. Also, you can peek inside the rooms as well.

August 2015
Exterior and position plan

The castle is set on a once important trade route so the plan stands in the order of the explanation of size and role it had through such a long history. The perspective is one from which you can see entrance, fences, central building, other objects placed inside and water canal which surrounds and secure the castle.