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After more than 10 years we have decided to go new ways. Nevertheless, we leave this website active simply for us and our customer as a reminder. From now on we are Base4and want to climb new peaks with you.
Life is exciting.

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MAP is a mobile app designed for barrier-free navigation within a building. It helps visitors with or without handicaps to find certain rooms and, if necessary, to obtain additional information from the respective room.

MAP can combine several technologies and can be optimized for new technologies at any time. The combination of several technologies therefore also enables flexible and easy orientation.

  • Branding
  • Flyer Design
  • App icon
March 2016
Logo Design

Map Indoornavigation logotype contains a simple and recognizable form. The main focus is on navigation symbol, which also appears to be an exclamation mark. Colors are bright and fresh and creating a pleasant contrast for a viewer.

Logo Design
Brochure Mockup
April 2016
Flyer design

We have retained the same principles while we were working on this flyer. It provides you all the necessary information about the app. Design is very simple and clean, so the illustrations too.

Flyer Design
App Icon
April 2016
App Icon

Our intention was to make eye-catching icon with elements that carry essential information for users. We used navigation symbol with waves that indicate interactive and useful application.