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After more than 10 years we have decided to go new ways. Nevertheless, we leave this website active simply for us and our customer as a reminder. From now on we are Base4and want to climb new peaks with you.
Life is exciting.

Ahoi Wismar

Ahoi Wismar is our dear client from the district of Friedenshof in Wismar, northern Germany. Their main activities include renovating and renting beautiful apartments by affordable prices. As they are located in a port on the Baltic Sea, this has greatly influenced our design inspiration.

  • Logo Design
  • Flyer Design
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
January 2020
Logo design

The inspiration for the logo was, as expected, marine, so there is a curious seagull carefully watching the landscape.

January 2020
Logo design previous versions

Work on the logo design includes a lot of sketches and examples until the final version is defined.

June 2020
Flyer design

If you are looking for a new home for your family, Ahoi Wismar offers you renovated apartments in a new location. All this important information is carefully packed with recognisable sky and sea motifs.

June 2020
Programming Responsive Website

The main information and services that Ahoi Wismar provides through its website are carefully tailored and available on every device.