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After more than 10 years we have decided to go new ways. Nevertheless, we leave this website active simply for us and our customer as a reminder. From now on we are Base4and want to climb new peaks with you.
Life is exciting.

UX/UI design

Be the company who understands what a huge competitive advantage a good web and mobile user experience provide. Mediavuk UX team’s job is to look at the entire experience holistically and make sure that users’ needs are always met.


We know exactly how you want your users to travel through your site or app, then guide them as if you were holding their hand through the entire process.

Getting to an intuitive and engaging user interaction requires many steps. We present a look that is:

  • artful, attractive and original
  • wonderfully inventive design, which provides a lot of info without ever overwhelming
  • Visual hierarchy, content grouping, spacing, positioning and size are all things that will be solved by our creative team

Web and mobile

User’s experiences need to be personalized, efficient and enjoyable in order to keep them engaged and ensure their continued use of such items. Designing an app for the iPhone is different than designing for Android as the UI and UX conventions can vary dramatically.

Our aim is to achieve user’s expectations so they will feel at home no matter what platform they are on. For mobile, we focus on interaction design; for the websites, we focus on information architecture. Our UX design focuses strongly on efficiency and services that are streamlined to serve spontaneous user needs.

Graphical user interface (GUI)

The speciality of Mediavuk is a GUI design for applications with highly complex tasks, that move across different devices, and adapt to different machines. We also serve the medical industry with complex software processes and operations. Our design brings healthcare professionals better and more comfortable service – bringing the simplicity out of the complexity.

Mediavuk team creates a clear hierarchy and intuitive wayfinding interface of high- quality diagnostic products that provide healthcare professionals around the world easier to use the software they need for faster decision-making. Designing for medicine brings great responsibility.

With many years of experience and cooperation, we can easily determine the priorities and quickly create a prototype and gather user feedback so we keep moving forward. We can also enable GUI design making in the process of development of the machine. User-friendliness and fluent design principles hold the key to the success of our apps in the long run.


If you have a list of UX problems that need to be solved, engaging with a specialist Mediavuk`s UX designer is one route.

There’s a wealth of information out there we can use to provide the ideal UX for your business. We do analytics, getting user feedback from testing, stats from online sources, comparable case studies.

Recent work