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Polizeipräsidium Westhessen

The “Westhessen” police headquarters (Polizeipräsidium Westhessen) is based in the state capital of Hesse, Wiesbaden. Its jurisdiction covers the western part of the state of Hesse, not only comprising the counties of Limburg-Weilburg, Main-Taunus, Rheingau-Taunus and the Autobahns leading through them, but also the state capital of Wiesbaden.

They are responsible for approximately one million citizens living in 82 communities, covering an area of roughly 2.500 square kilometres.

December 2016 – January 2017
Sicher im Alter

The Information events about staying safe in old age.
The main goals of the events are to help preventing and
avoid deceiving, lying and tricks on the front door and
on the phone.

December 2016 – January 2017
Sicher im Alter

Simple design with clean surfaces and bright,
standard colors of West Hesse Police

October – December 2016
Poster & Flyer design

The Information events for a safe and secure neighborhood

The main topics of the events are how to become a vigilant neighbor and how to help police in preventing risk situations through their references and increased attention.

September 2016
Flyer design

Working group: Security for all
The multiplier project at the police department of West Hesse

In the AK SifA, representatives from different communities of
ethnic and religious origin are working together on the same
level as the Hessian police officer. The aim is to enable all citizens
in Hesse to participate in the objectives of police prevention.

July 2016
Prävention im Polizeipräsidium Westhessen –
Flyer design

Prevention in the police department of West Hesse

E4 – Management of bar area E4
E41 – (Criminal) Police Advisory Board
E 42 – Special commissioners
E 43 – Network against violence

September 2017
Poster & Flyer design

From January to April 2017, 4201 unaccompanied minor refugees came to Germany, mostly from the countries such as Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Eritrea and Somalia. The diversity of young people as well as the various reasons why they came to Germany, presents a great challenge.

This project deals with all the issues that follow the current situation. Our job was to create simple design with focus on the informations.

September 2017
Roll Up banner design

Simple Roll Up banner design where the text and the message of the campaign have been accented by its color.

August 2018
Flyer design

This flyer design for the campaign aimed for increasing of the security in Wiesbaden. The priority has been placed on the joint work of the police, citizens and community. The panoramic look with its amenities is dominate in this flyer design.