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An App or a Responsive Website- that is the question!

Jelena Petkovic by Jelena Petkovic December 22, 2017

Here on start, I’ll reveal the point:

Getting high-quality of UX on every device and getting found in search results can be reached, often, by responsive websites and not so much with an app.

If you want an explanation of claims, stay on.

Many people think they can spread their business with the good app besides the existing website. Contrary to that, they usually don’t think about the purpose of an app.

According to earlier, I’ ll highlight the crucial difference between these two- an app has a specific purpose versus website. Also, the app exists to the point of functionality and, in major cases, is representing some brand. Responsive websites are standing for many various purposes general and specific information, different functionality etc.

What is an app?

„An application is a software program that’s designed to do a specific function directly for the user or, sometimes, for another application program.“

Well, it’s obvious from here that app should fulfill the purpose of the website and exist on something that website cannot meet and give to a user.

When you need an app:

  • Investing in the good app can be relevant if you want your brand to be recognizable. Also, in this case, your app and your website are not standing for the same purpose and you’re not wasting your money.
  • The second situation when you should have an app instead of website is when your product is the app! For example, Snapchat and it’s functionality works only on the app and usually is download on mobile devices because you only need your camera to experience the app. Another example is Uber, it has the same reasons for exciting thru an app and not thru the website.
Spreading your business by investing in the app should be backed up by an idea that you are the representing big brand or you can offer some original, core functionality by using your app.

Before getting into the app, consider your target group and who will download your product and in why, this can help you to decide do you still need an app or you can start thinking about upgrading, refreshing or building up your responsive website.

Stop here and check how much will be your costs if you want an app or a website. These are very useful tools if you’re having second thoughts.

Why you, more often, need a responsive website and not an app:

It’s simple, you search for businesses and products on device browsers, not in App store.

If you are searching for a good make-up artist, I hope you’re not typing „best make-up artists“ in App store, because you won’t find any information. Naturally, you search online on the browser from any device and you’ll get what you’re looking for. The website is what you use in such situations, and you want from it to be responsive.

Applications are more than good and they will be continuously good for companies whose role is around them.
Responsive websites are a great wave to ride and at the same time offer full user experience for your future clients.

Jelena Petkovic
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