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How to create engaging content during the Coronavirus Outbreak? [Instagram Feed ideas]

Nataša by Nataša March 24, 2020

As our planet is battling the Coronavirus, small businesses are doing their best to keep up with the changing demands. Luckily, a lot of marketers, photographers, and social media consultants have stepped forward to help, by making videos, photos, courses and ebooks for free. 

If you are a business owner, know that your customers are on Instagram now more than ever. Mediavuk has already decided to help get your business up to speed. We’ve come up with a great idea – Templates for the Instagram puzzle feed!


That is a comprehensive blueprint into everything you need to have for your monthly posts — originally, aesthetic content, with keywords, matching colors, images, text, quotes, you simply insert your own images.

The more high-quality content you post, the more you grow. It’s actually that simple. In addition, the following activities can increase your Instagram growth:

  1. Collaborate with people who have larger or different followings than you. The more interactions you have, the more your “web” (social graph) grows.
  2. If you know something is going to be popular, create content that’s relevant and timely (but still authentic to you).
  3. When you comment on someone’s photo, people see it. Some people like it. Some people see those likes. Some people like your content and other people get recommended to you.

If you’re still reading this then I’m sure you already got the point. Things are changing.

But, spending several hours a day just commenting on random people’s photos? Seriously? Every day? Ofc, not. There is another way. Just make interesting feed with good content and you’re sweet. 😉

Free Instagram Template

So, how can you consistently deliver incredible Instagram posts without spending your entire life crafting them?

Use our pre-designed Instagram posts that can be edited to suit your brand’s Instagram feed. You can replace text and photos, change fonts and colors to your favorite or brand ones. Create your fresh new feed in under 5 minutes. 

Instagram templates can save you hours of time and help you to develop your brand aesthetic. The result is an Instagram account that catches people’s attention and sticks around in their feed.  Sounds good, right?

Remember: your Instagram feed is the promise you make to your audience.

Digital art? Traveling blogger? Actress or Musician? Fashion lover? Make us move! 

These Puzzle templates are ideal for lifestyle and boutiques’ owners, photographers, coaches, creatives, personal brands, and other online businesses. 

In summary, Instagram templates supercharge your Instagram marketing efforts in the easiest way. Jump in and see yourself! 

Get your free Instagram Puzzle Template now! 
Nataša is a digital marketing manager & social media consultant. An enthusiastic brand aficionado with a keen focus on developing and leading identities that matter. She provides tips, resources, and training for small to medium-sized businesses that need to structure their social media strategies.