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Brief lesson about Magento

Jelena Petkovic by Jelena Petkovic July 17, 2018

E-commerce has always suffered from „heavy“ platforms, lack of control of content, design, and over-all-look.

The good news is- not so long ago something shows up which you can use to escape from these type of troubles.

Probably, you’ve heard about Magento? Well, this article is devoted to this profitable innovation that is used most recently in Mediavuk. Magento is a product of an open source system which means you get the software for free!

Wait for a while, and you’ll see- free software isn’t the best thing Magento has. Let me make for you a slight intro…

So, what are the benefits that Magento offers?

First, sure you’re very interested in optimal performance. Beside this, you want an improvement in control tools, functionality, and flexibility. After all, it provides a better experience for clients. Finally, you get powerful features from the leading platforms of e-commerce.

Maybe the best recommendation would be mentioning several platforms that have changed our knowledge of online shopping: BigCommerce, Shopify, WooCommerce. If you have ever visited these online shops, you know what makes shopping easy.

Comparing to Magento all mentioned platforms have some issues incoming… You see, Magento has a trust of a bunch of developers with experience, SEO experts, etc.

At least, look at Magento’s biggest clients- Coca-Cola, Ford, Victoria Bekam, Land Rover, etc… This trust is built on flexible features, great functions and even better performance standing in order to provide the optimal results for your business.

Big notice- Inko Versand has been built on Magento’s platform!

It’s such a nice thing when you can link everything you’ve made in order to have a functional website for e-commerce with light but a powerful platform. Visit Inko Versand and see for yourself!

We should all be open-minded and face the problems and arguments that are „cons“ as well as arguments that screams „pro“ in using Magento:

  • The host isn’t free.
  • You need to choose the right time for setting up.
  • It requires good skills, knowledge, and experience from developers.
  • Don’t look for a technical support because Magento doesn’t have it.
  • Sometimes it can be slow.

As long as these reasons may force you to think twice about using Magento- be aware that you can overcome most of the listed arguments.

To summarize:

Since there are two versions of Magento, it means developing this system is a priority for its inventors. For you, it means business isn’t sealed for changing in search for an optimal solution at that moment.

Jelena Petkovic
Hello, my name is Jelena Petković. I'm a master of political science, copywriter and consultant. Writing and reading are the ways to free energy and grow capabilities for loads of things I do.