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Discovering trends in social media for 2018.

Jelena Petkovic by Jelena Petkovic February 11, 2018

It’s already February and you probably have been thinking about a strategic plan for this year, am I right?

But, if you want to be sure your plan is adequate and your resources and time are allocated suitably, read through this post and do some checkup.

Trends have already been set up, so this topic has a goal to dive into what you should pay attention for during 2018.

If we know that time on social media platforms will only increase, then be aware of the necessity of improving your online presence and don’t underestimate your possibilities.


Let’s start with something that really explains our presumption about „growing“.

Instagram Stories are becoming the most important change in the Instagram UX. In fact, marketing was driven by Stories so marketers know that they aren’t going anywhere.

What is the biggest deal of all is that every account with more than 10k followers can add a link within the feature? This is huge because until this change the other way was to put link only on your profile page. This change means you can spread options for buying opportunities.

Particularly, Instagram Stories are and will be relevant for marketers by simple reason: they are trackable.

Finally, posting video can outperform every other form of content put on any known test!

 Messaging apps

Don’t you dare to be naive, because if you think of messaging apps like they are only for alternative text messages, you are becoming a big one?

The fact is- it is used by over 4 billion users and not taking the advantages means that you are wasting too many opportunities for getting more presence on the social media platforms.

To be more precise, a huge amount of brands have chosen to keep the communication between customers by using messaging apps. Instead of waiting for a returned e-mail, or being on hold you can be online for your customers and provide them a better experience of your service. Not to be mentioned that majority of problems can be solved quickly and easily.

It’s not just a theory, there are statistics that speak in addition to this- the abandonment of downloaded apps are lower for those that have options for messaging.

To be clear, by „messaging apps“ I’ve meant Messanger, WhatsApp, WeChat etc.

Fact No.1- WeChat is planning to cross 1 billion users and it refers to this year.

Remember, it’s not so important what you DO, but what you DON’T DO in the social media arena.


The year is on the very start, but we already have known who will be looser if not make some huge change. Yes, the one that was looser on our social media chart list in 2017.- Twitter.

If they want to be repaid their stats, they should make some serious innovations.


It didn’t seem to be, but today, if we should compare, Facebook’s only rivals can be Google or Apple. According to stats, this is the fastest growing and changing company, and it changes in a good way. Its value has raised more than twice since 2012, so today it reaches valuation over 370 billion of dollars.

Fact No.2- Average user spends about 50 minutes on Facebook every day.

Power of video

So, if you haven’t realized how you can use video for your brand it means you didn’t really get the point of posting them on social networks.

Advice is that you should think twice what you post, when and on what network. Also, if you can’t figure it out, hire some experts, freelancers, so they can do it like a pro. After a while, you’ll grasp what sort of video is the best for your clients.

It can be done by measuring the overviews.

Whatever are trends one is sure, there is no place for rest from changes in social media- they may come anytime in different courses with like or unlikely consequences. You should be ready, this year is still on the very beginning!

Jelena Petkovic
Hello, my name is Jelena Petković. I'm a master of political science, copywriter and consultant. Writing and reading are the ways to free energy and grow capabilities for loads of things I do.