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FLS: Why this should be your choice for optimizing safety

Jelena Petkovic by Jelena Petkovic November 29, 2017

An inspiration for a next topic came from an intention of team Mediavuk to spread the idea of FLS- Farbleitsystem invented in 2009. by Dejan Pavlovic with the Main-Taunus-Kreiss in Hessen.

Firsthand, you can find about it by following this link. Here, on the blog, we’ll get through main purpose and benefits of the FLS.

In a matter of fact, FLS offers pupils, teachers, administrative employees and external visitors a faster and more uniform orientation in the schools.

In periods of crises and emergencies, you don’t want to waste your time on things such as orientation. That’s why FLS is very useful „tool“ to have in a tough situation and as same as in ordinary days.

It’s based on colors combined with various elements and symbols for different situations. The main goal of FLS is the prevention of crisis so communication with authorities is the key to successful use. It’s important to say that FLS is in constant developing and improving functions in cooperation with other orientation systems, so it’s not exclusive but inclusive and supporting. Naturally, FLS is open for advice and relevant ideas from all interested parts and involved one.

The system is predicted having internal use not only for schools but also for police, fire brigade etc. With appropriate elements designed in accordance with all the other parts of institutions.
Furthermore, FLS integrates barrier-free elements. For example, Braille script, tactile panels can be applied as well as other forms of communication.

What are the reasons for preferring FLS:

  • With all available material (brochures, posters...) there’s no obstacle to quick learning and overcoming FLS
  • Elements are standardized for all
  • FLS does not include any electrical or technical components, process of implementing is very easy, any changes can be done in a short-term
  • There are no additional costs so it’s very suitable to invest in it
  • FLS doesn’t have an expired date!
  • Adjustable for all kinds of buildings
  • It can be used in everyday situation as well as in emergency cases

If you’re convinced by now, get in touch right now! For more stay tuned:

One step back to repeat- if we can’t get 100% safety in schools, we can do all useful things to optimize it. FLS has an open concept for that.

In a meantime, more than 150 schools in Hesse, other federal states, and Switzerland have been equipped with a color coding system.

On the other hand, if you compare FLS with other systems in use, clearly some differences are visible at first step. Let me explain you one of the – higher costs with fewer benefits are common in security systems that are in use today. Investing in a system such as FLS brings you more ways to measure safety and results of cost-benefit analyses are satisfying for each interested user.

Like the inventor, Dejan Pavlovic said: „I like subdividing the possibilities into different cost/benefit levels, so that not only the "expensive" solutions come to the fore. For it is precisely through actionism, once again in the news, an incident was made public, many levers are set in motion, which generate a lot of costs, but in the long run little effect.“

Before we end here, let me highlight one thing about FLS: since it is based on colors, material and all equipment are carefully chosen by professionals in order to evoke different psychological effect and interest passers-by to get information about themselves.

Jelena Petkovic
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