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Mythbusters: GUI/UX/UI

Jelena Petkovic by Jelena Petkovic November 8, 2017

Keeping up with the newest and coolest things Mediavuk team have done (check the latest project in portfolio) next sentences will be devoted to GUI (graphical user interface).

GUI is much more than some designer’s term for apps and software that keep users hungry for more or satisfied with their experience while using it.
Keep this in mind- there are still a bunch of impracticable sites, on the other hand, GUI existed from 1984. So, either there wasn’t enough interest or enough resources, maybe things turn out to be complicated, but the whole story about GUI/UX/UI haven’t had much space in designing projects.

Well, at this point it’s appropriate to explain phenomena a little bit:

First, graphical user interface (GUI) is a software environment that allows the user to communicate with the computer using previously defined functions. Second, its purpose is to secure better and comfortable use of apps providing satisfying experience with every single click.

The main goal of this design access is to create apps that can be useful for the specific type of users. Furthermore, various types of users are expecting to get something customized for them to use it in an easy way. It is achieved by using graphic icons and visual signs like color, positions, etc.

When you create for others, it requires having constant communication with future users because of the corrections, searching for lacks, better forms, positions, etc. This is a huge advantage because it can reduce the time needed for tracking, such as the best position and size of the button.

But… Don’t be tricked and make yourself capable to see the bigger picture- GUI is the final product of a completed and well done UX a UI job. It’s not some acronyms belong to the secret language of designers and developers. UX stands for User Experience Design and UI is User Interface Design, together they’re crucial for every product. First is more intriguing because it’s laying down on logic and analytics, and second is what experts refer to as a graphic designer.

What makes UX inevitably part of the successful project is a quality interaction between a user and all aspects of the company. It encourages us to make tests over and over for better performance. The main goal is to achieve optimization that provides enjoyable use.

On the other hand, UI is something that has the look- the presentation that provides interactivity od some product. It is in charge of making attractive, responsive, unique content or product for users. Logically, it’s in close relation to the branding and front-end design. To conclude, UI has the main responsibility for visual appearance, a strength of a brand, guiding a user through the interface.

Yet, we can’t say that one of them have a bigger role. Equality of quality is the rare thing to do but thanks to the connection between them, they complement each other so the lines of differences can be blurred.

If you’re interested to see what Mediavuk have done at this field, click here and you’ll see what were the challenges in GUI process.

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