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Outsource: Costs down – productivity up

by Jelena Petkovic October 11, 2017

The catch about outsourcing is…

It’ s not a new term, it’s not a miracle at all, but it brings you a lot of opportunities. Outsourcing can speed up your business, spread your sight in way of doing projects, cut your costs and finally, make your productivity grow. We may define it as „the strategic use of outside resources to perform activities traditionally handled by internal staff and resources“.

Here we come to the question „why“- Why do companies need and why they use outsourcing? Well, there’s a bunch of reasons, some of them we have already mentioned and the rest are:

  • improving the focus of the company
  • gaining access to world-class capabilities
  • saving internal resources for other aims
  • maximizing or intensification the purpose of external source
  • sharing risks and failures with partner in business

Seeing the bigger picture, the main thing you can get from outsource is to improve and free the core of competencies.

What you should know before start…

In fact, advice would be, while you’re searching for this type of backup, to think about the goals you want to achieve, methods, risks, etc. Only when you’ve collected all the wishes, possibilities and hopes, you may take the first step- outsourcing your business. Be aware of the reason you chose one company from another and be sure they can make a real job for you that can last like, for an example, Mediavuk team do. Every successful company tends to simplify tasks, to share tasks in accordance to solve them faster and be ready for taking others challenges. When you have a partner in doing it even when he’s miles away, opportunities hardly ever can be missed.

Of course, there are challenges and problems, some of which are most commonly related to security and data protection issues, regulatory requirements that sometimes do not allow outsourcing of certain processes, loss of control over part of business processes, decline in quality, etc. However, the fact that outsourcing industry is growing at a rapid pace and that more and more companies decide to outsource their business speaks in favor of benefiting overcoming challenges and problems.

Make a clever choice and while you’re doing it, think about it in long-term condition so the chosen people can be your team, otherwise results will be short-winded.

Open it up for Serbia!

In a matter of fact, outsourcing for companies from Europe will be much easier if they cooperate with other companies which has the similar culture, sense for business, the same timezone, technical infrastructure. This is the chance for Serbia to take a step and be high- ranked country in this area. The infrastructure that is necessary for the outsourcing industry in Serbia is satisfying, the establishment of these centers does not need large investments and, ultimately, Serbia’s greatest comparative advantage is that the average Serbian earnings are far lower than the average in Central and Eastern Europe, as well as the fees now paid out to Indian outsourcing companies. Mediavuk has been already taking the advantages of company place for making Serbia respectful in a sphere of IT outsourcing.

Learn and make the most of the chances that are given by this way of working and do it with right one!
Jelena Petkovic
Hello, my name is Jelena Petković. I'm a master of political science, copywriter and consultant. Writing and reading are the ways to free energy and grow capabilities for loads of things I do.